Due to COVID-19, we have implemented several changes at our office in accordance with the recommendations of the American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and OSHA. The goal of these changes is to keep our patients, their families and our staff as safe as possible. We want to make you aware of some of these changes:

  1. When the office calls to confirm your appointment, we will do a COVID-19 pre-screening. This will consist of a few questions to be answered over the phone.
  2. Our waiting room is now OPEN. Please come in and check in at the front desk when you arrive.
  3. Parents and guardians are allowed in the office for all appointments.
  4. Please wear a mask when entering the office. If you do not have a mask then the office will provide you with one. We will also ask everyone to hand sanitize upon entering the office.
  5. At the start of each appointment, the provider will do a COVID-19 screening which will include a questionnaire and temperature scan of the patient and guardian present. If the patient’s or guardian’s temperature is 100.0 degrees F or greater the appointment will be rescheduled and you will be asked to contact your PCP.
  6. Your dental care providers will be wearing new and different Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including more protective masks, face shields, and scrub caps. This may concern some children as it is not what they are used to seeing us wear. Please remind your child that we are wearing these new items to help keep everyone safe.
  7. The parent or guardian will be asked to review and sign new paperwork detailing relevant changes in the office protocols.

We are so excited to welcome our families back to the office! We appreciate everyone for doing their part to keep our patients, families, and staff safe! We are proud of our commitment to the highest standards of infection control, both in the protocols our office used before the COVID-19 outbreak, and in our new and even more rigorous standards and practices now being implemented. We will continue to update our infection control protocols using the latest guidelines that emerge from respected local and national health and safety organizations. Please reach out to us with any questions regarding the safety changes our office has made.

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our offices! Please meet our IQAir air filtration units. These air filtration systems use HyperHEPA filter technology. They continuously filter the air for viruses and common allergens. These units are certified to filter 99.5% of all particles down to 0.003 microns and 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns. We have the IQAir units located throughout both our Ann Arbor and Chelsea offices.