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Protective Eyewear Reduces Risk of Eye Injury among Field Hockey Players

The start of the school year brings not just academics and books into children’s lives but also sports, games and athletic competitions.

Field hockey is a sport whose popularity has been growing with young girls over the years. A new study shows that sticks or balls used in a field hockey game can result in eye injuries among players and that protective eye-wear can avert the danger of vision loss or a permanent disability.

“A new study, “Eye Protection and Risk of Eye Injuries in High School Field Hockey,” appearing in the September 2015 issue of Pediatrics (published online August 17), examined the injury rates among high school female hockey players. The authors of the study analyzed data from national and regional high school sports injury databases in order to compare the eye and orbital injuries from both practices and games for two seasons before and after the national eye protection mandate.”

The researchers concluded that a national mandate results in a greater than 3-fold reduced risk of eye and orbital injuries among high school girls hockey players. The data from this study can help support a policy change regarding mandatory protective equipment in field hockey at all amateur levels.” Read more.

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