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Making Kids Play Outside Reduces Rates of Myopia in Study

A new Chinese study suggests that when kids play outside they are less likely to develop nearsightedness in the future. 30 percent of American kids and 40 percent of Asian kids develop myopia so parents, schools and doctors are taking note.

While the effects of the study aren’t as big as the researches hoped, they still feel that their findings could help kids keep their eyesight better.

“Our study achieved an absolute difference of 9.1 percent in the incidence rate of myopia, representing a 23 percent relative reduction in incident myopia after three years, which was less than the anticipated reduction,” researchers wrote.

“However, this is clinically important because small children who develop myopia early are most likely to progress to high myopia, which increases the risk of pathological myopia,” they added. So they could have prevented severe myopia in at least some of the kids. “ Read more.

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