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Food commercials change children’s eating priorities

junk-foodMore and more children in affluent countries are suffering from obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Poor diet and lack of exercise are a big part of the problem, but a recent study found that exposing children to junk food advertising multiple times a day is also a big culprit.

“Researchers have found that these advertisements directly influence children’s food choices and brain activity, and they may be a factor in overeating and the associated health risks.”

“The food industry spends around $1.8 billion a year marketing products to children and adolescents. Children between the ages of 2-5 years are estimated to view more than 1,000 advertisements per year, and teenagers almost 2,000.”

“The researchers found that watching food commercials changed the way children assess the importance of taste when making food choices. The authors write: “It is possible that the food commercials prime children to focus on the more hedonic aspects of food.”

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