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New report finds growing number of US children living in ​poverty

A new report finds that growing number of US children are living in poverty and stark racial inequities, suggesting the economic recovery has not helped families return to their pre-recession economic security.

“The figure has steadily increased since 2000, when 9% of children lived in a high-poverty area. Fewer lived with parents who had full-time, year-round employment, and more lived in single-parent homes.

The foundation also found striking disparities along racial lines. “Inequities among children remain deep and stubbornly persistent,” the authors wrote.

African American children were twice as likely to live in high-poverty areas and to live in single-parent homes compared to white children. In all, 39% of African American children lived in poverty in 2013, compared to 33% of Hispanic children, 14% of white kids and a 22% national average.” Read more.

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