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4 Ways to Prevent Your Kid From Becoming A Tech Addict

In our high tech society, many children are growing up with more access to screen time than they are to human beings who will communicate with them and guide them towards becoming good communicators themselves.

Psychotherapist Sean Grover quotes a young man as saying:
“You don’t understand! You just don’t get it! This ’emotional education’ thing that you keep talking about, I never learned to do that. My computer was my babysitter, my friend, my playmate – I don’t know how to relate. I never learned how.”

According to Dr. Grover tech addicted kids are more likely to suffer everything from social isolation to poor social skills, unstable moods, impulse problems, sleep disorders, low self-esteem and more.

So, what can parents do? How do we make sure that our children learn to look another person in the eyes and have a serious discussion about their thoughts and feelings or the state of the universe?

Dr. Grover advises that “parents must control technology or risk technology controlling their kids. Even starting a dialogue with your kid about the effects of over-dependence on technology is a step in the right direction. Find the right balance for technology use in your home and eliminate tech addiction in your kid’s future.” Read more.

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