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How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success

A new, large scale study of 12,000 Nebraska schoolchildren confirms what parents and teachers have been saying for years – that children in good physical shape learn better, retain new information more readily and are able to pay better attention both at school and at home.

A trend in many schools has been to cut . . . → Read More: How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success

To Help a Shy Child, Listen

Dr. Perri Klass examines the topic of shy children and how our society behaves towards them.

When a young girl confides in Dr. Klass that she is shy, the doctor asks:

“Should I have turned to her mother and suggested — a counselor? An academic evaluation? Should I have probed further? How do you feel . . . → Read More: To Help a Shy Child, Listen

Cooking Is Freedom

Jim Sollisch tells the story of how he petitioned his junior high school to offer an all-boys cooking class and so learned to cook – in 1972, when all boys were expected to take shop classes.

And so, Jim says ” began my love affair with cooking. I was given the keys to the castle, . . . → Read More: Cooking Is Freedom

The Proposed Cuts to the Food Stamp Program

Nearly 48 million Americans (and this includes the most vulnerable groups in our society: the working poor, children, seniors and the disabled) rely on food stamps for their nutritional needs.

The US Congress has started the debate over reducing the food stamps programs – with the republicans demanding a scale down and the democrats resisting . . . → Read More: The Proposed Cuts to the Food Stamp Program

What to Do if Your Child Tears an A.C.L.

More kids are playing organized sports and some get injured. What do you do if your child hurts his or her knee, particularly if they tear the anterior cruciate ligament? Gretchen Reynolds gives some useful practical advice. Read more.

Drinking When Young Increases Breast Cancer Risk

A new study, published online in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, reports that young women who drink regularly before their first pregnancy could be increasing their risk of breast cancer. Read more.